Tuesday, May 24, 2005

His experiments with ...

... Economic Times ! Yes, today's edition of this pink paper is edited by none other than our Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram. Take a look at this story and this slide show about him. Finally, here is an editorial penned by him. He also listed his ten commandments, one of which read "trust the people, they are at least 10 years ahead" (or something like that). Sorry, I could not locate the URL for this piece, since the Indiatimes website is such a badly designed maze.

Update : the Indiatimes website does it again! Take a closer look at the story about Chidambaram's one day tenure as the editor of ET. After a few paragraphs about the subject, the story shifts (literally!) gears to give us this:

Ford is set to vow the Indian motown later this year with a global car, completely designed and developed in Australia, that will be first launched in India before any other market.

From this point on, you get at least two screenfuls about Ford's new car, and poor Chidambaram doesn't make it back into the story!

Update(26 May 2005) : Indiatimes has corrected the 'Ford mixup' mentioned above. I found another story about Chidambaram's editorship style.