Friday, December 31, 2004

Go Google!

Just a quick link to "The magic that makes Google tick" by Matt Loney over at ZDNet.

It starts with the following raw facts:

  • Over four billion Web pages, each an average of 10KB, all fully indexed
  • Up to 2,000 PCs in a cluster
  • Over 30 clusters
  • 104 interface languages including Klingon and Tagalog
  • One petabyte of data in a cluster -- so much that hard disk error rates of 10-15 begin to be a real issue
  • Sustained transfer rates of 2Gbps in a cluster
  • An expectation that two machines will fail every day in each of the larger clusters
  • No complete system failure since February 2000

Update: Here is another post from April 2004; I knew it was there somewhere, but it took me a just a little while to find it (using Google, of course!). Read this one too, and prepare to be amazed! Don't forget to check out the comments!