Sunday, January 04, 2015

On the Indian Science Congress Agenda Today ...

... is a session on Ancient Sciences through Sanskrit -- see page 20 of the program. Some of the talks in the session have attracted media commentary (justifiably) filled with ridicule and scorn.

For many, this is like a bad dream that just won't go away -- Vedic astrology, Vedic nanotech, and now this. All trying to gain public legitimacy by being seen in the company of real science.

Here's just a sample of news reports on this session:

  1. Stop Scientific Distortion (Mumbai Mirror). "NASA scientist Ram Prasad Gandhiraman, who started an online petition against an ISC lecture on ancient aviation, on why we must fight pseudo-science. [...] He has launched an online petition demanding that Capt Bodas's lecture scheduled for January 4 be cancelled as it brings into question the 'integrity of the scientific process'."

  2. Hindu scientific temper: Elephant and cow urine to fuel aeroplanes? (Dinesh Sharma, Daily O). "Hindu organisations are on a mission to portray mythological and Sanskrit texts as the origins of modern science."

  3. At Science Congress, Vedic aeroplanes and virus-proof suits - See more at: (Mithika Basu, The Indian Express).

  4. Science meet to discuss ancient Indian aviation (Kalyan Ray, Deccan Herald).


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