Friday, January 10, 2014

My Popular Science Books in Tamil

Three of my popular science books in Tamil language have been published now by Tamizhini and Amrutha publishers.

Details with links to Introductions are available in Tamil here


The books should be sold in Tamizhini and Amrutha book stalls (No. 436 and 437) in the 2014 Chennai book fair between Jan 10 (today) and 22, at the YMCA grounds, Nandhanam.

Online ordering should commence after the book fair. Shall update.

Do also spread the word around.

A timely sales boost for such 'daring' publishers will only see more such works coming out in vernacular -- a must for impacting our country's education quality from the bottoms-up.


The books are written in a light-heart-ed fashion (my long time Tamil readers would vouch for that). Briefly, 1) Do Aliens Exist attempts to answer that question with scientific rigour, discussing SETI to Fermi Paradox, Great Filter to Bayes Theorem and views of Stephen Hawking, Paul Davies and so on. 2) Intro to Nano is just that; loosely strung essays introducing what is nano-science (and not), examples of nano-phenomena (like color of nano-gold), nano-technology, nano scale understanding (why gecko sticks to walls; iridescent colors, lotus-leaf effect) all sandwiched between essays on nano- history and nano- endings. 3) The third book is a collection of twenty five science essays ranging from Why do Toucans have large beaks (title) to How to dunk your biscuits.

The wrappers are designed by me using Creative Commons images and a creative daughter who posed for the cover at age 3 and made two paintings that enliven the back-covers. Here is one back cover.

Perhaps I could sneak in here more about my exciting avocations, before you realize I am bragging. But the excitement is more in the doing than in such jabbering. Shall end this 'announcement' here.

Of course, I welcome your comments.


  1. Abi said...

    Congratulations, Arunn!

    It's wonderful that your popular science writing in Tamil, at various venues (your own blog, a monthly magazine, etc) have been put together in the form of these books. Great stuff!

  2. madraskaari said...

    Congrats! surprised Badri Seshadri is not your publisher.