Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coming out

Two moving accounts:

  1. Ashwin Nayak in In Theory: Turing Centennial Post:

    We were walking through art galleries in San Francisco when Luca brought up the Turing centenary events that were taking place around the world. None of the events celebrating his work referred to Turing’s homosexuality. Luca wondered whether the celebrations would be complete without revisiting this aspect of his life. As a response, he was thinking of having a series of guest blog posts by contemporary gay and lesbian computer scientists about their experiences as gay professionals. How would they compare with those in Turing’s times? [...]

  2. Standard Deviation ("... true story of a student currently studying at IIT-Madras...") [P. 20 in the pdf]:

    Hello. You do not know me. Even the people around me don’t really know me. Because I have a secret, something I’ve kept to my world for a very long time; something I wish to reveal. But not confess; that makes it sound criminal. I need closure and for that, I must be true to myself. So here goes.

    I’m gay.


  1. Vijay said...

    Thanks Abi,
    Read the IIT-M account! Kudos to the young man. He's a hero. An Congrats to IIT-Madras for their magazine.