I am Arunn Narasimhan, a faculty member at the IIT Madras, India. I do research in heat and fluid flow through porous media and biological systems. Here are my profiles at Google Scholar and Researcher ID.

I have been writing on the internet since when I had long hair, short temper, less topics, lesser zeal and big ego. The longest stint (six years) in such writing had been at, which is now my professional website. Writing here at nanopolitan is yet another start (fifteenth) with blogging.

I also write in Tamil at mostly on Science and music with occasional stories and general musings.

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Disclaimers: My opinions here are not endorsed by my employers or funding agencies. They should not be confused with those of others (including, or especially, the co-contributors).

I had profiles / presence in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, FriendFeed, G+ and so on... all are now defunct or deleted. I seldom leave comments at other blogs, web-forums or social networking sites. On the rare occasion I do, it is usually under my name, polite and inconsequential.