The full name is T.A. Abinandanan.

Some history: I started Nanopolitan in December 2004. I have also been contributing to other blogs -- some of which are no longer active or even available online; see the list below.

Disclaimer: This is my personal blog. What you find here are my personal views which should not be confused with those of my employer, co-workers, and associates.

Contact: abinandanan [at] gmail [dot] com

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My Day Job: I am a professor in the Department of Materials Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. My website on our Department's server is here.

Here are my profiles at:

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While I have a profile / presence in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and FriendFeed, I'm not really active in any of them.

Here's my Google Buzz Stream. [Update: And my profile on Google+.]

And here's a list of places where you can find some of my old stuff (except for Item 2):

  1. nanopolitan 2.0: Something that I started with what appeared to be a good plan at that time. I did keep at it for a while before abandoning it.

  2. How the Other Half Lives: This group blog is defunct, and its contents have vaporized into the ether!

  3. Materialia Indica: A community blog that has moved to a social networking site. If you are a materials scientist or engineer in India (or, with an interest in India), you ought to become a member at the new site! [Well, this too has become defunct since January 2015!]

  4. My picks at DesiPundit: In its earlier avatar, DP had contributors who would link to noteworthy stuff in the Desi blogosphere. I was one of those contributors. DP follows a different model now. [DP went offline on 16 June 2010.]

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Update (10 November 2015): Added profiles at ORCID and Scopus ID; spruced up the page to remove updates here, there and everywhere, and collected them all here at the bottom. Moved the contents around a bit to make it a bit more coherent.